Sea Shipping to Nicaragua? Learn About Customs Rules for International Shipping to Central America

As the biggest country in Central America, Nicaragua borders Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, and has a population of about 5.9 million. The country is also bordered by two major bodies of water – the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, is inland, not far from the Port of Sandino.
The country is home to a number of shipping ports including the Port of San Juan del Sur and El Bluff Port, and one of the biggest ports in Nicaragua is the Port of Corinto. The Port of Corinto is important for the country’s import and export business and it is open all year and accessible via highway.

If you are shipping to Nicaragua, it is very 중국배대지 important that you plan to be present in the country before your shipment arrives. There are a number of documents you’ll need when you ship to Nicaragua and you should have this taken care of in advance.

If you are interested in moving overseas to Nicaragua or are returning to the country after having been away for a while, note that household goods will likely be inspected by customs officers in Nicaragua. Also, many shipments are also subject to certain duty fees and taxes. An exception to this rule includes items intended specifically for school usage.

You are able to apply for tax exoneration when shipping to Nicaragua. If you are making a diplomatic shipment, you will need some specific documentation to apply for tax exoneration. Plan to have the following

Diplomatic shipments are generally not subject to customs inspections in Nicaragua as long as there are reciprocal relations with the country that they represent.

When you ship by sea to Nicaragua, please make sure that any appliances and electronic devices are listed in detail on your packing list with brand, model and serial number provided. Hand written packing lists are not accepted. Your cargo shipping packing list should be written in either Spanish or English.

Are you a citizen returning to Nicaragua?

If you are returning to the country after having been away for an extended period of time, there is some documentation you should have in order in advance. Make sure to have the following paperwork before cargo shipping to Nicaragua: