AP Moller-Maersk – The World’s Largest Shipping Company

When you are in the shipping business, you would surely know A.P.Moller-Maersk. This Danish conglomerate is actually the biggest shipping company in the world, particularly in container ship and supply vessel operations. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. But it has presence and subsidiaries in over 130 countries and territories around the world. Right now, the company employs more than 120,000 people. It has been making waves not just in the shipping industry but in global business as well. This year, A.P.Moller-Maersk has been listed as 106th in the prestigious Fortune Global 500, a big jump from being 131st in 2008.

The container shipping segment of A.P.Moller-Maersk is managed by and more popularly known as Maersk Line. This unit is made up of container ships that number 淘寶集運收費 over 500. There are also other types of fleet vessels like tankers and specialized ships used for oil field logistics. A.P.Moller-Maersk is also active in container terminal operation and it is a major player in this segment as well. Another subsidiary, Maersk Logistics, provides supply chain management and freight forwarding services and also runs the largest chain of general merchandise and grocery stores in Denmark. The conglomerate also has business units involved in shipbuilding and construction of shipping container vans.

But the list of business activities for A.P.Moller-Maersk does not stop with the above mentioned ventures as it has also been carving its niche in oil and gas drilling. Under Maersk Oil, the conglomerate’s oil and gas exploration activities are mainly done in the North Sea, specifically in the British, Danish, German and Norwegian zones of this offshore region. Maersk Oil is also involved in other oil and gas projects in places like Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Morocco, and even in the US portion of the Gulf of Mexico. However, many of these ventures are not 100% owned by the conglomerate. Rather, Maersk Oil is in partnership with the host countries and other big players in the oil and gas industry.

Truly, A.P.Moller-Maersk has come a long way. Founded in 1904, it is now one of the most recognized businesses in the world. The conglomerate is so big that it even offers the Maersk International Shipping Education management trainee program designed to tap talents who will become the future helmsmen of A.P.Moller-Maersk. Under this annual program, the company selects around 450 trainees who will undergo training to help them become more effective in performing their jobs. These trainees are chosen from some 85,000 yearly applications.